Listening to you is very important to us


Prisma de Honduras puts at your disposal different communication channels, in order to guarantee the adequate response to your requests, queries or comments.


We put at your disposal the telephone numbers for our Call Center so that our financial advisors can attend you in a personalized way:

(504) 3314-0631, 3285-0076, 3314-1728 & 3285-0455


Col. Loma Linda Norte, Casa No. 2431, Calle Principal, Antiguo Local Gym Bon Kyung Song.  Tegucigalpa, M.D.C.

(504) 2239-4714, 2232-2169 & 9457-4303

Entrada a Peña Blanca, antiguo local del Banco del Occidente.

(504) 3180-5724

Centro Comercial Supermercado la Colonia, 2do piso

(504) 2782-1626 & 3178-1996


Centro Comercial Plaza Valle, cubículo # 6, a cuadra ½ de oficina principal de Banco Atlántida.

(504) 3180-7594 & 

Una cuadra antes del mercado, a la par de Ferretería Fonseca

(504) 3178-2637 & 9456-2518

Centro Comercial El Torondon, Local No. 11.

(504) 2772-6577 & 3395-9528

Centro Comercial Supermercado Al-Rashid, frente a terminal de buses.

(504) 2763-3175 & 3178-8497

Barrio El Centro contiguo a Pollos Milady, frente a Ferretería Multifer.

(504) 2793-9004 & 3180-6647

Plaza Comercial Rey Sula, local comercial # 2.

(504) 2781-3552 & 3178-2043


Through this communication channel you can send us your requests, opinions and suggestions regarding our products and services to be resolved according to the terms defined by Prisma de Honduras.

In order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of this information, we reiterate that the information here consigned will be used to give an exclusive response to your comment.