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We are a responsible and sustainable financial inclusion vehicle, which facilitates access to credit as a work tool.



In February 2004, Prisma Microfinance Inc., based in the city of Boston, USA, constitutes Prisma de Honduras S.A., with the objective of becoming an agile, reliable and responsible micro-credit provider in the Honduran microfinance market.


As of July of this year, Prisma de Honduras S.A., operates as an independent company, under its own structure and intends to expand its operations through the opening of low-cost agencies and service centers in different areas of the country, with a structure organizational that is emphasized in the conformation of a solid operational team for the achievement of the institutional objectives.


The human capital of the organization is made up of 54 employees, of which 49% are loan officers and 31% are women. It should be noted that Prisma de Honduras has formed a solid operational team committed to achieving its strategic objectives, which has contributed to its growth in its 11 years of life.

Prism de Honduras preferentially serves people living in areas of social risk, small entrepreneurs and in the rural area to small agricultural producers, merchants and others through its agencies, where they cause a greater environmental impact, quality of life and the income level of families.

Prisma de Honduras has eight (08) offices serving the central-south-north and east zones; offering credit services in six departments (Francisco Morazán, El Paraíso, Choluteca, Valle, Cortes, Olancho). The agencies are located in the following municipalities and cities: Tegucigalpa, Danlí, Choluteca, San Lorenzo, Trojes, Catacamas, Comayagua, Peña Blanca and Patuca.

Prisma de Honduras intends in these five (05) years to expand its operations and coverage to other areas such as El Progreso, Santa Bárbara and La Esperanza, by opening agencies and / or low-cost service points, with a organizational structure that emphasizes the formation of a solid operational team to achieve its objectives.


Offer quality financial products and services, meeting the needs of our customers, being agile, timely and innovative, changing their living conditions.


Be recognized nationwide as one of the best alternatives in microfinance products and services, generating social and environmental impact.