An adequate administration and knowledge of its management


The compliance of principles, rules or standards in the management of the entity that at the same time allow the achievement of the objectives and its permanent evaluation, constitute a protection platform for the reference and interest groups.


The composition of the local Board of Directors in Prism de Honduras, S.A., is established through the election of five independent volunteer members every two years, consisting of a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer and two member.


Kendall Phillip Mau

Doctor in Business Administration. He has held various positions in several financial institutions in the United States and in various countries of Central America, Europe and Africa, in the fields of financial analysis, microfinance and as a board member in banking, including positions of President and General Manager, has exercised as an international consultant, as well as a professor in the financial and microfinance field, he worked as coordinator of the program in the peace corps.


Juan Carlos Callizo

Industrial Mechanical Engineer, with a Masters in Administration, he has worked as General Manager of important companies in the energy field, franchises. Also with positions such as Chief at the National level of legal collections and Deputy Manager of recoveries in Banking, he has extensive experience in collection strategies, planning, design, as well as developing collection policies and procedures.


Lourdes Patricia Madrid

Bachelor in Economics, she has worked as an assistant for industry and commerce, as well as in financial institutions and securities exchange, performing as Financial Manager, has experience in preparation, programming and preparation of annual budget, evaluation, placement and investment management , Management of public and private securities in national and foreign currency.


Wildrinh Celenia Ramírez

Graduated in Legal and Social Sciences, has extensive experience in the area of ​​portfolio recovery, has worked as head of the department of portfolio management and recoveries, as well as legal attorney of several institutions, has served as head of the legal department of foundations , cooperatives and micro financial.


Magda Xiomara Solis

Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor in Business Administration, graduated from the Turabo University College in Puerto Rico. He has a diploma in project analysis and a Master’s degree in International Administration. With experience in Banco Ficensa as Chairman of the Board of Directors, president of the compliance and audit committee, worked as superintendent of the CNBS, she was in charge of the Credit Division of BCIE. Currently teaches at the Post Graduate School of Unitec.


Pablo Enrique Rubio

Civil Engineer, graduate of the University of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Master in Business Administration, he served as Administrative and Financial Manager of Grupo Roble, Sub Manager, Seguros Crefisa, Project Manager of the Private Contributions Regime (RAP) and Administrative Manager of the ENEE.